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Workplace Manager

View customized KPI’s and graphs on personalized dashboard

Work Orders Manager

Perform every function related to processing work orders

Planning Manager

Plan, monitor and compare actual versus planned performance

Assets Manager

Manage assets from the beginning to the end of their life cycles

Inventory Manager

Track and optimize inventory quickly and easily monitor costs

Purchasing Manager

Create a purchase requisition and a purchase order, receive and close it

Safety Manager

Detail a comprehensive plan to safely service assets or locations

Resource Manager

Track internal and external users, labor, crafts, crews and qualifications

Does the idea of accessing technology on-demand on an as-needed basis and paying for only what you use sound right for your business?

With Dynamics EAM you will accomplish this while reducing costs by more than 70% versus legacy systems. Dynamics EAM software utilizes Cloud technology to provide a platform for connecting people, processes, assets, industry-based knowledge and decision support capabilities based on quality information. Features include scheduling, planning, preventive maintenance, work orders, service requests, inventory, asset and safety management, purchase tracking, business intelligent reporting, ad-hoc reporting and user-defined KPI’s on personalized dashboards. Dynamics EAM is designed to grow and expand with your business, while providing software that is hosted online, user-friendly and specific to your area of expertise. Our company provides a service level agreement with 99.9% uptime through Microsoft online services.

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