The Dynamics EAM software application utilizes Cloud or on-premises technology to provide a platform for connecting people, processes, assets, industry-based knowledge and decision support capabilities based on quality information. Features include scheduling, planning, preventive maintenance, work orders, service requests, inventory, asset and safety management, purchase tracking, business intelligent reporting, ad-hoc reporting and user-defined KPI’s on personalized dashboards.

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Gain business insight with flexible dashboards and real-time data visualization. Enhance the effectiveness of your maintenance activities with the familiar and highly intuitive features of embedded Microsoft Office capabilities. Shorten user-adoption and training cycles, increase assets up-time, and achieve real-time insight.

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Work Order Manager

Work orders are the core of maintenance management. A work order specifies a particular task to be accomplished and the labor, materials, and tools needed to do the work. When you create a work order in Dynamics EAM you initiate the maintenance management process and create a historical record of work performed.

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Planning Manager

Dynamics EAM provides a framework for maintenance planning, tracking work accomplishment and preparing reports that compare planned versus actual work performance. The typical planning functions of organizing, scheduling, sequencing, directing and controlling are easily managed through this module to optimize asset availability and uptime.

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Asset Manager

Dynamics EAM’s Asset Manager delivers a comprehensive view of all asset types, their conditions and locations, and the work processes that support them, to provide you with optimal planning, control, audit, and compliance capability. Use Dynamics EAM’s Asset Manager to add physical or logical assets, define relationships between assets, associate customers with assets, and manage assets throughout their lifecycles.

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Inventory Manager

Optimize your inventory control with the familiar and intelligent features of Dynamics EAM. Take advantage of the highly intuitive interface to track inventory movement, balances, vendors, locations, total cost, quantity and condition of items. Calculate reorder points and easily reconcile inventory balances. Keep track of consignment items inventory. Help your business find a balance of inventory stock that allows for maintenance work to be performed with minimum delays due to unavailable materials, without keeping unnecessary or seldom used items in stock.

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Purchase Manager

Manage the purchasing process from start to finish. You can specify vendors that are qualified to supply quality items. You can define quality, technical, and commercial terms, and then integrate them into the purchasing process. You can then assess which vendor best meets your needs. Create purchase requisitions for items, supplies, and services. Create the purchase orders that authorize the procurement of materials and services. Maintain detailed information about vendors, manufacturers, and other types of companies. Create and maintain a library of terms. You apply these terms to the item, company, and purchasing records that you use during purchasing.

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Safety Manager

Create a detailed plan of how to safely service assets or locations. Define hazards that exist in the workplace, and associate precautions with those hazards. Define precautions that workers can take against hazards in the workplace. Create a detailed plan to safely take equipment or locations out of service and place them back into service.

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Resource Manager

The Resources Manager provides a way to track the resources, both internal and external, that your company uses to perform maintenance work. These resources include people, tools, and companies that do business with you.

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