Assets Manager

Dynamics EAM’s Asset Manager delivers a comprehensive view of all asset types, their conditions and locations, and the work processes that support them, to provide you with optimal planning, control, audit, and compliance capability. Use Dynamics EAM’s Asset Manager to add physical or logical assets, define relationships between assets, associate customers with assets, and manage assets throughout their lifecycles.

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  • Create asset records, store asset numbers, location, vendor, up/down status, and maintenance costs
  • Track assets with their associated costs, histories and failures
  • Build an asset history to roll up maintenance costs
  • Build failure code hierarchies to record asset problems for analysis
  • Set measurement points, perform trending and defect analysis through condition monitoring
  • Analyze the potential for failure based on an asset’s location and the possible effects on systems with which it is associated
  • Associate multiple meters with an asset


  • Criteria for generating warnings or PM work orders based on user-defined triggers
  • Create meter groups associated with each asset
  • Allows entry of readings for multiple meters per asset record
  • Allows entry of meter readings with date, unit, and inspector name
  • Set trigger limits for readings higher or lower than a specified value
  • System will trigger actions based on specified limits


  • Create location records and track assets that might be used in multiple locations
  • Build unlimited levels of location or network hierarchies
  • Use drag and drop feature to build location hierarchy
  • Associate a location to a GL account
  • Identify a location by type or status
  • Associate a PM to a location
  • Associate meters to a location
  • Capture a location’s billing, service and shipping addresses
  • Create storeroom locations with all related accounting information