Inventory Manager

Optimize your inventory control with the familiar and intelligent features of Dynamics EAM. Take advantage of highly intuitive interface to track inventory movement, balance, vendors, locations, total cost, quantity and condition of items. Calculate reorder point and easily reconcile inventory balances. Keep track of consignment items inventory. Help your business find a balance of inventory stock that allows for maintenance work to be performed with minimum delays due to unavailable materials, without keeping unnecessary or seldom used items in stock.

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  • Allows addition of new items categorized into tools, items, or standard services
  • Automatic generation of item numbers
  • Allows creation of item groups and item codes
  • Allows user to keep track of companies associated with items
  • Captures meter and meter groups
  • Allows user to specify item details and status (e.g. active, obsolete, pending, inactive)
  • Attach pictures, drawings or documentation to an item
  • Easily associate a location to an item
  • Easily export to or import items from Excel for vendor price agreement or any other purpose
  • Tracks and supports alternate item functionality


  • Easily add selected items from item master list to your inventory
  • Track movement in or out of inventory, from one location to another, stocked, non-stocked, and special order items
  • Track item vendors, location, bin, balance, cost information
  • Track items and tools along with their condition, status, certification, cost and depreciation
  • Easily conduct physical count and reconciliation per each item within your inventory
  • Specify item as being reserved for use on a work order
  • Intelligently calculate your reorder point and keep track of your safety stock
  • Filter your inventory data in multiple ways and export/import to any Microsoft suite of products
  • Issue and return items in and out of inventory
  • View items in inventory regardless of stockroom location

Issues and Returns

  • Issue inventory items from a specific storeroom to a work order and track costs
  • Issue inventory items from a specific storeroom to a location, asset or individual laborer
  • Issue items from inventory directly against a GL account
  • Return items from a work order back to inventory
  • Return items from a location, asset or individual laborer back to inventory
  • Return items from a GL account to inventory
  • View all inventory issue and return transaction records for ease of filtering and reconciliation reporting
  • Select an item for issue or return from internal inventory or consignment inventory
  • System automatically populates storeroom, bin, condition , GL account and quantity available for item selected to issue or return


  • Transfer items from one storeroom to another
  • Transfer items from any storeroom to a holding location for transit
  • Easily specify source and target inventory for transfer
  • Create target inventory bin for easy location of transferred item
  • Track cost of transferred items
  • Specify item quantities to be transferred

Product Groups

  • Use product groups to easily identify similar types of items within your inventory
  • Easily associate multiple codes to an item


  • Assign a condition to an item
  • Track item condition in and out of inventory
  • Easily add, modify and view item condition rate