Planning Manager

Dynamics EAM provides a framework for maintenance planning, tracking work accomplishment and preparing reports that compare planned versus actual work performance. The typical planning functions of organizing, scheduling, sequencing, directing and controlling are easily managed through this module to optimize asset availability and uptime.

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Preventive Maint.Job PlanRoutes

Preventive Maintenance

  • Support multiple criteria for generating time-based and meter-based PM work orders
  • PM work orders based upon last generation or last completion date
  • Allows next due date and job plans to be adjusted or extended
  • Triggers meter-based PM
  • Print sequence job plans
  • Create a PM against an asset or parts
  • Specify lead time for work order generation
  • Override frequency, force PM generation when conditions require
  • Route PM with multiple equipment or locations
  • Create parent and child work orders in batch or individually.

Job Plan

  • Easily create a job plan template with a list of steps needed to accomplish the job
  • Quickly modify the order of the steps as needed which allows flexibility to add steps anywhere within the existing tasks at any time
  • Add number of laborers and the skillsets required to complete the job
  • Assign tools and materials that will be needed to perform the work
  • Assign sequence numbers to job plans
  • Capture expected cost associated with job plan
  • Job plan can be created for site-specific or enterprise-wide level
  • Assign work order priority status and estimated duration
  • Use job plan templates for budgeting and planning inventory levels
  • Add job plans to work orders and modify them if necessary


  • Simplify maintenance routines by creating a group of assets or locations that require the same type of work
  • List related work assets which are “stops” along an inspection or maintenance route
  • Assets can be related either by location, for example all meters in a building, or asset type such as all fire alarms in a facility
  • Allows users to quickly build parent/child work orders for inspections
  • Attach a document or picture from outside the system to a route record