Purchasing Manager

Manage the purchasing process from start to finish. You can specify vendors that are qualified to supply quality items. You can define quality, technical, and commercial terms, and then integrate them into the purchasing process. You can then assess which vendor best meets your needs. Create purchase requisitions for items, supplies, and services. Create the purchase orders that authorize the procurement of materials and services. Maintain detailed information about vendors, manufacturers, and other types of companies. Create and maintain a library of terms. You apply these terms to the item, company, and purchasing records that you use during purchasing.

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Purchase Requisition

  • Create purchase requisitions for materials and services
  • Create purchase requisitions from scratch or automatically from the Inventory or Work Order Managers
  • Automatically create purchase orders from purchase requisitions
  • Create special orders by entering item descriptions as line items for parts not in inventory database
  • Use direct purchasing to order and issue parts and services directly to work orders or GL Account Codes

Purchase Order

  • Create purchase orders for materials and services with auto number generation
  • Create internal or external purchase orders
  • Create purchase orders from scratch or automatically from one or multiple purchase requisitions
  • Auto-populate vendor information including customer number, payment terms, shipping method, tax-rate and more
  • Auto-populate storeroom and internal information
  • Create purchase orders in batch from line items of multiple purchase requisitions to take advantage of quantity discounts
  • Keep track of purchase order status from its generation to its completion
  • Leverage workflow capabilities to escalate specific purchase orders to various approval levels
  • Analyze purchasing trends to leverage negotiations with vendors
  • Avoid duplication by centralizing purchase order processes
  • Eliminate paperwork with electronic purchase order transactions and communication


  • Manage records for all companies that do business with you
  • Add, view and modify records for companies
  • Easily create company groups such as vendor, manufacturer, courier or internal
  • Specify parent/child relationship for companies with multiple subsidiaries
  • Specify purchasing information such as currency, tax code and insurance
  • Enter shipping method and shipping type
  • Set automatic banking information and payment terms


  • Enter, view, and modify address information about companies you do business with
  • Maintain a master list of addresses used for all internal sites and storerooms
  • View locations on map via street addresses
  • Track locations via geographical data such as latitude and longitude


  • Create a record for receiving or returning ordered items
  • Receive items against a work order, location, asset, debit account or labor
  • Receive items separately for each specific line on a purchase order
  • Record quantity received and conversion factor to calculate total cost
  • Easily perform three-way (PO/Receipt/Invoice) matching
  • System automatically updates inventory balances for items received
  • Purchase order data is auto-populated
  • Receive partial orders and record discrepancies between ordered items, received items and rejected items


  • Create new internal shipping transactions
  • View shipping transaction history
  • View purchase order line items that are in the process of being shipped from one storeroom to another
  • View required date for item delivery to determine shipping method and shipping cost
  • Use shipping cost and location data to create efficient delivery networks
  • Capture delivery duration from point of shipping to point of receiving

Shipping Queue

  • View all purchase order line items that need to be shipped
  • View purchase order line item quantity ordered, quantity shipped and quantity awaiting shipment
  • Easily select a purchase order line item to begin the shipping process
  • Within selected purchase order, view all purchase order line items and their associated ordered, shipped and received amounts


  • Allows your business to do international financial transactions
  • Keep track of currency names, codes, symbols and precision levels
  • Enter a conversion factor to calculate exchange rates or integrate to a real-time table of exchange rates for automatic updates


  • Configure multiple levels of taxation such as federal, state or local
  • Keep track of tax codes for different regions and effective dates
  • Automatically calculate complex composite taxes
  • Add tax rates for vendors in each state you do business

GL Accounts

  • Store your company’s GL accounts and their descriptions for tracking expenses within the Dynamics EAM system
  • GL accounts consist of four distinct components relating to a specific part of your company’s accounting system
  • Can be used to charge a particular transaction to a particular cost center, department, type of account, or any other category of costs that exists within your accounting system