Resource Manager

The Resources Manager provides a way to track the resources, both internal and external, that your company uses to perform maintenance work. These resources include people, tools, and companies that do business with you.

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UsersLaborCrewsCraftQualificationsPremium Pay CodeShiftsWork Calendar


  • Create a user and associate that user to a business unit, organization or site
  • Specify each user’s manager
  • Enable/Disable user’s account
  • Define user’s system access rights
  • Define e-mail access configuration
  • Integrated with Active Directory
  • Define teams, security roles, and field security profiles


  • Displays each laborer, their associated user name, craft, skill, work site, work location and organization
  • Apply a skill set level to each laborer
  • Assign a vendor and rate
  • Capture year-to-date regular and premium hours worked


  • Define, plan and schedule labor resources to a crew (labor and tools or assets that are required to perform a specific type of job)
  • Display all required crafts, qualifications, and tools needed for the crew
  • Ensure all necessary resources are assigned to the crew
  • Associate the crew with a calendar and shift, and specify the time period that each member is assigned to the crew
  • Assign crews to work orders
  • Report the hours a crew worked
  • View reported actual hours for members of a crew
  • See who has held or will hold positions on the crew, historically, currently, and in the future


  • Enter, view, and modify craft records (a group of employees reflecting the type of work done)
  • Specify a pay rate and overtime scale for a craft
  • All members of the same craft are automatically assigned the same rates
  • List labor records associated with each craft record


  • Add qualifications either specific to a position on the crew or that can be held by any crew member
  • View qualifications associated with any of the tools assigned to the crew type

Premium Pay Codes

  • Create codes and set rates for the premium pay statuses such as holiday overtime, overtime or weekend
  • Define each rate type as hourly, increment or multiplier
  • Associate premium pay codes to each craft within the system


  • Create new shifts for a specific location
  • Specify work days and weekends
  • Add hours, start time and end time for each day of the shift
  • Specify a pattern for a shift
  • Assign labor to a shift
  • Apply shift for specified period of time
  • Create and apply seasonal shifts, for instance, to reflect summer schedule

Work Calendar

  • Familiar and easy-to-use calendar based on Outlook with monthly view
  • View and sort work calendar by site or organization levels
  • View work calendar for a single shift or all the shifts
  • View work and holiday schedules
  • Modify shift schedule for a single day or multiple days
  • Modify shift patterns by selecting rows or columns of a calendar, weekdays or weekends
  • Add or modify holiday schedule for each organization