Work Orders Manager

Work orders are the core of maintenance management. A work order specifies a particular task to be accomplished, and the labor, materials, and tools needed to do the work. When you create a work order in Dynamics EAM you initiate the maintenance management process and create a historical record of work performed.

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Work Orders

  • Create, approve, and initiate work orders, check status history and close or rework work orders
  • Assign a type, priority, status, location, asset, GL account, failure code and site to each work order
  • Associate a job plan with a work order and specify additional tasks if necessary
  • Create simple work orders for smaller jobs without using a job plan
  • Associate a safety plan or PM to each work order
  • Create work order hierarchy linking parent to child work orders
  • Enter duration, target start, scheduled start, actual start, target finish, scheduled finish and actual finish dates
  • Specify a supervisor, crew, and owner organization to work order

Work Plan

  • Automatically displays tasks associated with the job plan selected. User may add, delete or modify tasks in this window.
  • Displays the labor plans including craft, skill, vendor, task, duration, quantity, rate and cost.
  • Displays the material plans including material description, task, storeroom, vendor, condition, quantity, cost and total.
  • Displays the tools planned to be used including tool description, task, storeroom, duration, quantity, rate and cost.

Actual Transactions

  • Enter actual labor time including laborer name, start date, whether it is approved, task, regular hours, premium hours and cost
  • Enter actual materials used including material name, task, transaction type, storeroom, bin, quantity, cost and total
  • Enter actual tools used including tool name, task, duration, quantity, rate and cost

Work Assignment

  • Select one or more work orders and filter labor to view available appropriate resources
  • Assign appropriate resources (labor, craft or crew) to a selected work order or work orders
  • Manage resource utilization by viewing available versus allocated hours
  • Find and assign work for selected resources based on skill, location and availability until target utilization level is reached
  • Filter work orders based on location, priority, craft, target date and duration
  • Filter resources based on labor, craft and crew
  • View hours of available resources for every day in the current week or any week in the future
  • Provides flexible modes of operation addressing the needs of planners and crew supervisors
  • Planner Mode allows for work assignment on crew and craft levels
  • In Planner Mode, system automatically finds and assigns appropriate labor based on required skill and availability
  • Supervisor Mode allows for more detailed individual labor assignments among crew members either at the work order level or down to the work order task level